New and shocking revelations on financial scandal – PM must step down

The revelations unveiled today by the Wall Street Journal thatover US$1 billion (about RM4 billion) was transferred to five personal accounts of Prime Minister Najib Razak between 2011 and 2014 are utterly shocking and scandalous beyond words.

Together with new reports on the 1MDB scandal by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and The Australian, these latest exposes come as a bolt of lightning to Malaysians who have yet to recover from the on-going scandal involving RM2.6 billion that was exposed previously.

The fact the Monetary Authority of Singapore is investigating around 40 banks linked to transfers of funds related to 1MDB also lends further credence to the as yet unrebutted allegations concerning that scandal.

Without doubt these scandals bring further disrepute to the UMNO-BN government of Najib Razak who continues to cling to power in spite of repeated calls for his resignation. No leader has brought more shame to Malaysia’s reputation.

In light of these latest exposes and considering that he has repeatedly failed to take legal action to clear his name, the only morally responsible course of action for Najib is to step down as Prime Minister.

Once again, these recurrent scandals underscore the importance of the recently launched Citizens’ Declaration demanding his resignation and calling for institutional reforms to be put in place to bring the country back on track as a properly governed constitutional democracy.

31 MARCH 2016


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