20 November 2015

I refer to the statement made by Minister Azalina Othman that Lembah Pantai MP Nurul Izzah may be referred to the Rights and Privileges Committee for having met with Jacel Kiram.

A committee of rights and privileges has no jurisdiction over actions by MPs outside the Dewan which have nothing to do with the proceedings of the House. Any complaint must be related to an MP’s conduct as a member of the House.

This is elementary; and it is baffling that the Minister in charge of Parliament is unaware of this.

In any event Nurul Izzah has already explained that Jacel Kiram was not invited by her but by the organisers of the event, which included the mayor of Manila and the office of the Vice President of the Philippines.

Nurul Izzah did not seek out or set up any meeting with Ms Kiram.

The UMNO BN leaders attacking Nurul Izzah over this, were completely silent over the recent incident in which Prime Minister met and shook hands with the PM of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu.

The blatant double standard exposes the hypocricy and political motives of the criticism against Nurul Izzah.

Government leaders must answer the public on various critical issues including the unresolved 1MDB scandal and the continued incarceration of Anwar Ibrahim, and not attempt to divert attention with pointless issues such as this.

Issued by,
Latheefa Koya
Member, Central Leader Committee
Parti Keadilan Rakyat


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