Online Petition “MARCH TO FREEDOM” Please support the campaign and sign

Dear All,
An online petition has been launched by former US ambassador to Malaysia John R. Malott urging the United States government to prioritise the politically motivated incarceration of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.
It has collected over 50,000 signatures since its launch five days ago.
In order for this petition to work, it will need 100,000 signatures by March 12.
Please support this petition. Let the injustices end.
We end with an excerpt from my father’s statement:
“Going to jail, I consider a sacrifice I make for the people of this country.
I have fought most of my life on behalf of the people of this country – for the people I am willing to go to jail or face any other consequence. My struggle will continue, wherever I am nt and whatever is done to me.
“March to Freedom” is that struggle. A struggle to free our father from unjust incarceration and give voice to Malaysians who have suffered injustice in our country.
 We call everyone to join us in our effort – let the injustices end.
15 FEBRUARI 2015

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