1. The Deputy Home Minister Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed revealed in parliament that Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim (DSAI) was given ‘special treatment’ during 38 weeks in prison, including 33 times treatment at Sungai Buloh Hospital and attended 10 physiotherapy sessions for his right shoulder pain.
2. This ‘special treatment’ given to Anwar makes us worry about standard of medical care to detainees and prisoners in general and DSAI in particular.
3. This happened despite recommendation by Orthopaedic Specialist for 2-3 times intensive physiotherapy per week.
4. DSAI had severe right shoulder pain due to massive tear of the shoulder joint muscles (massive tear of supraspinatus and infraspinatus muscle as shown by MRI).
5. As a result of the pain he had difficulties in lifting his right arm and severe restrictions in his right arm movements.
6. The main stay of treatment for such conditions is pain relief medications and Intensive Physiotherapy. The Orthopaedic specialist recommended physiotherapy 2-3 times per week . Surgery is done when pain relief medications and physiotherapy fail. What Anwar received was physiotherapy once in 4 weeks.
7. Even with successful surgery, intensive physiotherapy has to be continued for months after surgery to ensure recovery.
8. Failure of the medical team to carryout a simple treatment as advised by specialist i.e., intensive physiotherapy , is astonishing and unbelievable. We believe the professional team of specialists are guided by their hippocratic oath and code of professional conduct and they are not party to the denial of appropriate treatment to DSAI.
9. The home ministry must be held responsible for the restrictions imposed upon DSAI to the extent which is detrimental to his health.
10. Anwar was in prison for crime which he has never committed. UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention concluded that Anwar’s imprisonment was arbitrary and he was denied a fair trial and was jailed for political reasons. The UN body also said that Anwar’s treatment in prison violates international prohibitions against “torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment “.
11. The denial of appropriate medical care for DSAI for his shoulder muscle tear is further proof of hidden hands in attempts to torture Anwar into submission.
12. What Anwar requires for his shoulder ailment is standard professional medical care and not ‘special treatment’ as declared by the Deputy Home Minister. We demand standard, appropriate care is given to DSAI in the hospital immediately and free from political interference.

Press Statement by :
Dr Lee Boon Chye (MP Gopeng),
Dato Dr Tan Kee Kwong (MP Wangsa Maju)
Dr Azman Ismail (MP Kuala Kedah)
Dr Michael Jeyakumar Devaraj ( MP Sg Siput)
Dr Michael Teo Yu Kheng (MP Miri)

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