Unite, Save Malaysia

Below message from Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim conveyed through his lawyers yesterday:-

“The nation is in a state of crisis, economic and political, yet the BN government seems incapable or unwilling to take strong, decisive and immediate action.

The serious allegations against the PM in the 1MDB corruption scandal has been compounded by the machinations of the previous weeks, including the sacking of the A-G and gross interference with the MACC.

As a result, the ringgit worsens to historic lows and investor confidence evaporates; this will have serious consequences for the well-being of every Malaysian.

But Najib and his government appear to be more interested in their own political survival than in the interests of the nation.

By not speaking up or taking immediate action, the whole of the cabinet and the Barisan Nasional is also complicit and responsible for the current crisis.

Since independence and before, countless patriotic Malaysians have sacrificed a great deal to build, protect and prosper this country, including members of the armed forces and police.

Is this how Najib and his associates repay them? By bringing the country to the brink of ruin?

I urge all political parties and leaders, and elected representatives, to set aside their differences in this hour of crisis.
Put the interest of the Nation and our people above all other considerations.

With courage and resolution, we can yet overcome this crisis; and put in place urgent reforms, restore democracy, and save this nation.

But time is of the essence, action must be immediate!”

Anwar Ibrahim
11 August 2015

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