Denial of medically-required facilities puts Anwar’s health at serious risk

Denial of medically-required facilities puts Anwar’s health at serious risk 

Opposition leader and prisoner of conscience Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim enters his 7th day of confinement in the Sungai Buloh prison today. He has been kept in a bare cell with a 2-inch foam mattress placed on the floor, a bucket for bathing and a squat toilet.

This situation poses an extremely serious threat to the 68 year old Anwar’s health and well-being. Anwar suffers from a long-term back and spine condition. The conditions he is being held in are aggravating his spine and back condition and may pose a grave threat to his health.
At the very minimum, in line with his medical condition, he must be given a bed and a medically appropriate mattress, a chair and table, a shower and appropriate toilet. Anwar cannot bend over or stand up from sitting on the floor without pain and aggravation of his condition.
The Home Minister and prison authorities are fully aware of the opposition leader’s health condition and requirements. Copies of Anwar’s medical reports have been given to the Home Ministry and the prison authorities. However, repeated requests to the Home Ministry and prison authorities for these basic medical requirements have been so far been ignored. What is the excuse for not having supplied these urgent requirements over the past week?
We call upon the Home Minister and the government to take into account Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s medical condition and treat him according those needs. His conditions must be immediately improved before there are serious consequences to his health. Damage done to his health, considering his age and current health condition, may be irreparable.The government is fully responsible for prisoner of conscience Anwar Ibrahim’s safety and health whilst he remains in custody.
Issued by,

N Surendran 

Latheefa Koya
Sivarasa Rasiah
Lawyers for Anwar Ibrahim
16th February 2015

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