Celebrating White Cane Day – 15th October

Celebrating White Cane Day - 15th October

Every year since 1964, White Cane Day is celebrated all over the world in recognition to the importance of white cane as a staff of independence for blind people.

The white cane has been a symbol of a blind person’s ability to come and go on his own.

Organised by PetPositive and Friends of Kota Damansara together with MBPJ, some 30 blind and sight impaired persons celebrated the White Cane Day at the Kota Damansara Community Forest.

White canes were presented to all our blind friends and were taken for a walk in the herbal garden nearby.

I called upon the authorities and all sighted friends who are in the position of making decisions to always be sensitive of the needs of blind and disabled people. The need to go to places will require a planner to also lok from the perspective of a blind and disabled person.

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